Escape Games & Activities

Baker Street Escapes offers several Escape Game Games, including 60 Minute Games designed for up to 10 players and a 5 Minute Solo Escape Game.

60 Minute Escape Games in Oklahoma City

Return to Sleepy Hollow

Visit one of Washington Irving’s most famous tales and avoid meeting the same fate as Ichabod Crane. Beware, the Horseman is coming….
This Adventure was designed with small groups in mind.

Return to Sleepy Hollow

The Hound Adventure

A Mysterious death in Devon draws the attention of Sherlock Holmes. Baskerville was found dead outside his home, the prints of a ferocious Hound circling the body. Can you discover the culprit?

The Hound Adventure

Everest: Because it’s There!

“The Great Reward of Exploration is not knowing beforehand what will happen!”

– Dr. Daniel C. Taylor in “Yeti: The Ecology of a Mystery”

The One with the Dragon

A Study in Yellow

Your Paranormal Studies Professor is missing. He hasn’t been mentally sane since the death of his wife (not from Covid, game is sanitary). Agreeing to help, you set off to the sleepy town of Arkham to search his home for clues.

A Study in Yellow

Ghost Tour and Pub Crawl

Each night will feature a different flavor of tour highlighting Oklahoma history and mysteries, as well as, the opportunity to purchase uniquely themed libations. Participants may choose to take part in a virtual ghost hunt for the chance to win a prize.

* Walking tours are approximately 2 hours in length.

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