Our Fully Immersive Escape Games

Baker Street Escapes offers several Escape Game Games, including 60 Minute Games designed for up to 10 players and a 5 Minute Solo Escape Game.

60 Minute Escape Games in Oklahoma City

The Professor’s Game

Following up a lead on behalf of sherlock concerning the death of Charles Henry de Baskerville in the region of Devon. What seemed to be a low risk investigation for a novice detective turned out to be quite the adventure.

The Hound Adventure

The Hound Adventure is set in the exciting world created by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle and allows participants to feel like they are part of the action in an exciting puzzle featuring the world’s greatest detective: Sherlock Holmes.

The One with the Dragon

While visiting the local Tavern, you and your party learn of a magnificent treasure hidden in the mountains that are home to the Dwarves.So what if there are goblins?

Who cares if there is a Dragon?

I hear there is treasure to be found…

The One with the Dragon

The One with the Dragon pays homage to the great fantasy literature and fairy tales you grew up with and places the participants in the heart of a bejeweled cavern that is the resting place of a dragon-guarded treasure. The set design will make you feel like you left the humdrum city far behind…

A Study in Yellow

Ferguson Alistair, an esteemed professor of history at Miskatonic University, has gone missing. In the days leading up to his disappearance, his colleagues claim that he had become reclusive and paranoid. Many at the university believed the strange behavior could be attributed to the death of his wife during the last semester. However, when Alistair failed to show up to lecture, his teaching assistant visited his home and discovered signs of a possible struggle. Agreeing to help, you set off to the sleepy town of Arkham to examine the home of Ferguson Alistair.

A Study in Yellow

A Study in Yellow combines classic mystery elements of Horror literature from the era of Poe, Chambers, and Lovecraft. This experience is our most exciting team-oriented Escape Room.