As a leader, effective team building can feel like a part-time job.
At Baker Street Escapes, let us coordinate your team building and provide an immersive escape room experience so you can experience an integrated team.

It's time to...

Expect your team to...

Become a Unit

Develop stronger relationships and memories within your team that lasts well into the future.

Experience Achievement

Gain a sense of pride and accomplishment your team can experience together.

Grow Together

Overcome fears and roadblocks holding your team back such as poor communication.

Since 2017, we’ve been offering some of the most immersive escape rooms in OKC. We have spent time in various organizations and know about poor team building events. We want to help redefine team building as a transformative experience with our escape rooms. 

Here are a few things our customers have said about their experience at Baker Street Escapes:

"I have done escape rooms from Kansas City to Dallas, this one took the #1 spot in my list! It was creative, imaginative, and so well composed! The host/owner was awesome and added to the whole experience. I highly recommend, and I will be back to do the other rooms!"
Katherine Bean
"We had our work team building event. Three teams split into the 3 rooms. It was a huge success! Very challenging and fun! We will go back!"
Lori Slentz
"Went with some friends, had a great time. Amazing set building and attention to detail. My group made it out with 2 minutes left on the clock, can highly recommend to go with friends or to book for a corporate event."
Brent Stafford

Here's how to achieve an immersive experience at Baker Street Escapes:

Tell us Where, When, and Who

Pick a room, day, and time from our calendar. Enter the names and email addresses of all members in your group. We will send pre and post event communication to the emails provided. It's part of the experience and keeps you from forwarding emails.

Enjoy the Experience

Work with your team to try and escape within 60 minutes. Good luck!

Debrief with your Team

Overcome fears and roadblocks holding your team back such as poor communication. Get the most out of the experience by debriefing with your team. Go to lunch after or have happy hour to extract the lessons you learned from your escape room experience. We will email the team leader some discussion topics immediately upon completion of the game.

At Baker Street Escapes in Midtown OKC, we know you are the kind of company that wants to operate like a well-oiled machine. In order to be that way, you need improved communication and collaboration across your team and across departments.

The problem is team building is often done on company time, which makes you feel added pressure to get your money AND time worth. We believe you shouldn’t have to feel this pressure. We understand you have a job to do, and it doesn’t include ‘team building coordinator.’ That’s why we will take care of everything for you and your team.

Here’s how it works (1) reserve a room/day/time and tell us the names and emails of the participants, (2) we will handle all the coordinating so you can experience the most immersive escape room you’ve probably ever played, (3) debrief to extract the lessons and solidify your team’s transformation.

Book your room now, so you can stop ‘getting by’ as a team and start thriving like a well-oiled machine.

Monday: 10AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday: 10AM - 9:30PM
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Saturday: 10AM - 9:30PM
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