Can you outsmart your business competitors?

Corporate Challenge - Summer 2022

Competition runs until Labor Day, 9/5/22.
Winning team of each room will get $??? donated to the charity of their choice.

The summer doldrums are here!

It's time to turn these problems into your advantage...

Let Employees Take Off

Give employees 'off' while still building your team.

Improve Communication

Improve the overall communication of your team whether you've hired new people, had a recent reorganization, or maybe team communication has become stale. Our escape rooms will help you with the most important key to your organization -- COMMUNICATION.

Stay Cool

Enjoy a climate controlled environment where we provide the experience. All you have to do is book your room.

That question is answered above.

Any business that wants to grow closer as a team.

There’s a leaderboard for each room. The winning team of each room will get money donated to a charity of their choice. Plus, if your team wins the escape room, we will give your team one (1) FREE appetizer to a nearby restaurant to enjoy during your debrief.

Baker Street Escapes in Midtown OKC next door to Hall’s Pizza Kitchen.

All summer long. Last day of competition is Labor Day, 9/5/22.

Book with the button below.

We will be sending you all the information you need via email/text to share with your team after you sign up.

Leaderboard for each room will be displayed soon.